Integrated  and Managed Access Control

Integrated and Managed Access Control Solutions that provide Effective Security and Value


PSI’s integrated video surveillance and access control solutions offer comprehensive security that leverage IP camera technology, network video recorders, premise and cloud access control integrated with intelligent analytics  that result in more effective security, optimum quality and most importantly critical and useful information that insure maximum safety and control of your facilities.  Our highly skilled experts in digital; video, network infrastructure, surveillance and access control systems allow us to design, deploy and maintain customized system that meet your unique security needs.  By using hybrid technology we can leverage your current security infrastructure while integrating effective surveillance and access control technology.

The greatest challenge – and the greatest opportunity – in security today is integration. By integrating all security assets such as intrusion detection, access control, video and telephone entry into one common platform, users can interface with just one system, for greater simplicity and optimum control. But where does integration begin? Well, consider access control. It’s at the center of the security universe. It’s where security meets people and permissions. And it’s the building block upon which to add other systems to make a robust security solution.

More Control at The Door

Start with the simple access control card. In an integrated system, it can do so much more than just enable access. The card is the key that opens the security integration universe to enable such assets as intrusion alarm panel monitoring, guard tours, visitor management and more.

PSI offers solutions that integrates with  alarm panels and can set permissions to allow authorized cardholders to disarm the alarm system simply by presenting their card to a reader. In some cases, the card reader will have an integrated keypad for dual authentication. In those instances, the system can be armed with the touch of a button on the reader keypad and by presenting a card to the reader. When using a the alarm system can also be armed by double or triple swiping the card at the reader.  * And the system can notify the user at the reader level whether the alarm system is armed or disarmed. Our solution supports single or multiple alarm partitions. Permission can be assigned to any partition, combination of partitions, or the whole system. In each partition, the zones can be assigned to groups enabling different levels of partial arming/disarming in each partition. Alarm system programming can be done through any keypad or remotely using a virtual keypad as described below.

Our Solution puts control in the user’s hands.

The User Experience

Alarm events can be combined into one easy-to-use graphical user interface. Our solution uses a virtual alarm keypad which makes it easy for you to arm and disarm the alarm panel and to configure it in the same way as if it were an actual physical keypad. All controlled from the desktop application. You can use the mouse to click on any buttons on the virtual keypad as if you were using a standard keypad. You can also use the computer keyboard to simulate pressing keypad buttons. The virtual keypad is easy to install and does not require any special alarm panel settings.

The access control and alarm panels share data that is recorded on the system. This makes it is easy to link alarm events such as “motion in alarm” with the access control system.

Enabling, arming, disarming, programming, viewing…one card does it all.


Monitor, Investigate and Report

Not only do the access panels and intrusion alarm panels talk to each other, the events can be seen on live interactive floor plans on the desktop. Access and intrusion events can be set to trigger visual and audible indication in real-time. These triggers will provide information such as cardholder name/photo, alarm status and the type of event (e.g. window open). See who is arming and disarming the alarm system and make sure that they are authorized to do so.

Our solutions provides a built-in report generator allows users to apply filters such as door name, cardholder, time, and event type. Reports can be either manually or automatically generated and can be sent via e-mail to an administrator to view on their desktop or on a mobile device.

Information delivered when it’s needed, how it’s needed.



Now that we have control, let’s talk about enhanced capability within the security solution. Real-time monitoring capability is a response to the growing importance of video in access control systems. Integration with Exacqvision, American Dynamics HDVR, VideoEdge NVR*, ADTVR Series and Intellex Digital Video Management Systems provides real-time video monitoring as well as video playback. Access control alarms such as “door forced open” can be attached to the associated video for quick playback. Recorded video of up to 16 cameras can be simultaneously viewed.  Presets, sequences, dome control and 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4 views are available through the software. Cameras can be called up directly from a floor plan simply by double-clicking on the camera or dome icon. Operators can configure viewing parameters for digital video applications through a user interface.

Video gives the ‘who’ to go along with the ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘where’.

Combinding Security and Communications

Apartment, condominium and office buildings are just a few of the applications where a combination of security and communications are required for controlling resident and visitor traffic. The Telephone Entry System (KTES) delivers a fully integrated telephone entry and access control solution. The KTES provides visitor/resident registration, tracking and reporting. A simplified version of the access control software is included and allows for fast configuration and firmware updates, live transaction monitoring, detailed event logs and system backup. The KTES uses a touch tone phone style keypad that offers both familiarity and ease of use. Two-way audio is built-in and video verification can be integrated to enhance the solution.

Manage the flow of traffic in, around and through the premises with KTES.



Being responsible for your company’s security is no trivial matter. Protecting people and property, preventing incidents and criminal activity, and observing and reporting on suspicious activities are all in the job description. Backing up servers, updating applications, configuring hardware…well, those may be in the job description also…but they don’t have to be.

PSIshield helps you improve security and provide employees with peace of mind, without the hassles of administering, maintaining and if applicable hosting your own access control.

PSIshield MAC is a range of access control solutions, ranging from a hosted model which empowers companies to remotely control their own security tasks in real-time via the Internet, to a managed solution which turns over select security responsibilities to PSI, to somewhere in between.