PSI Provides Innovative Technology Solutions to the Education Industry

Network Infrastructure and Learning Technology

Since 1995 PSI has Provided Innovative Technology Solutions to the Education Market.  Delivering technology in the educational space comes with a range of challenges.  Budget restraints, student access to technology, disperse social economic environments and technical skill development of teacher just to name a few.  Professional Systems has developed a reputation for providing innovative solutions that use a range of technologies to help school systems meet their technology based objectives in this sometimes challenging environment.  Our solutions utilize interactive learning technology that takes advantage of the current trends and technology that students and teachers are used to using.  We incorporate creative technology and learning strategies integrated with traditional educational tools that provide a robust environment that engages students while capitalizing on the benefits of the online world connecting students, teachers and parents with collaborative resources that support the school systems learning objectives.  The results are increased student performance, expanded teacher development, collaboration and motivation as well as operational efficiencies that positively impact the bottom line. 

PSI is a  USAC Certified E-Rate Vendors which enables us to provide state of the art network and communications infrastructure systems and technical services that insure that school staff have the tools needed to provide the technology based curriculum that will prepare students with the foundation needed for future learning and to compete in a fast evolving computer centric world.

Students today more than ever have unlimited access to information and resources and use a variety of technology, systems and devices to access information. Our strategy is to integrate the technology that students, teachers and administrators use and live with tools to foster a creative and effective learning environment.    At the core of our solutions is a solid networking infrastructure.  We have the experts to insure your school systems utilize state of the art network technology that will support the applications.  Our staff of infrastructure experts hold certification in Cisco, Netware, Microsoft and more.   Our e-rate specialist can assist in insuring your educational organization gets maximum financial benefits for network infrastructure deployments that qualify for federal funding.  


PSI Provides Intelligent Video Surveillance That Insure a Safe Learning Environment

School campus security has become a high priority in recent years as a result of the increase in attacks, treats and criminal activity.  At the same time advancements in technology are providing proactive video surveillance systems for schools across the country.  IP video cameras are migrating to school networks and being deployed at key locations on campus to monitor activity, people coming and going and potential threats to students and faculty.  In many cases, the potential threats that face students have become so overwhelming that school districts are installing intelligent video surveillance using software analytics to proactively mitigate treats by notifying officials of potential threats or malicious activity in many cases before they occur.

PSI specializes in intelligent video surveillance that leverages the latest technology and integrates with other security systems of the school to provide a comprehensive system that result in enhanced safety and security.  Examples of the intelligent and integrated features we currently use to enhance safety at schools include license plate recognition, access control integration, facial recognition, motion detection and more.

Vivotek, a leading manufacture of IP video surveillance cameras recently published a success story on an eight campus enterprise IP video surveillance system.  To read story click on link below.

PSI Enterprise IP Video Surveillance Systems Spans Eight Campuses Success Story.

PSI Intelligent Video Surveillance Datasheet