Professional Systems Provides Intelligent Video Surveillance to the Retail Industry.


A decade ago PSI recognized the paradigm shift that was taking place in traditional media to digital media and the channels that delivered it.   In response, PSI took two major steps in line with our culture of innovation.   First, PSI established a separate division to develop a platform to provide streaming video services to customers looking to leverage digital video distribution via the internet.  Second was to establish a business model to provide video surveillance solution based on IP/Network technology and the intelligent functionality only available with IP cameras, network based video management systems and software analytics. 

Since then PSI has provided IP and hybrid video surveillance solutions using intelligent software analytics to many organizations allowing them to proactively mitigate potential threats as well as intelligently process recorded video.

The retail industry has been at the forefront in effectively using this technology as it provides significant benefits for its model.  As one of our core markets, PSI continues to expand our impact in this industry.   As an approved security supplier for leading retail chains including Walmart, CVS and Walgreens, PSI continues to build a reputation as innovative leaders in this space. 

Walgreens is our most recently added retail customer where we provide installation and maintenance services at stores in the Chicagoland area with plans to expand to Indiana in the near future.   According to President and CEO, William Burton, “IVS offers tremendous value to the retail industry and providing intelligent video surveillance services to the retail industry supports one of our primary core values;  Adding value to our customers through innovative technology solutions.