Professional Systems provides premier solutions for the automation and management of municipalities.


Professional Systems, Inc. has developed a reputation for providing quality hardware, software and information technology services in the public sector space.  Clients include the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County, The State of Illinois, Soldiers’ Field Stadium, Chicago Public Schools and many more.  Our highly trained staff of Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, Certified Netware Engineers, Oracle Certified Professional, Certified SUN Professionals and more are qualified and fully capable of providing timely on-line and on-site support and consulting services.  The following is a partial list of municipal applications and support services we have provided:




Public Safety

Enterprise Resource Planning





  • • Integrated Cashiering Systems

  • • Payroll Automation

  • • Biometric Time Stamp Systems for Payroll

  • • Website Development

  • • Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

  • • Technology Compliance

  •  • Document Management

  • • Police Operations
          Records Management
          CAD Mobile / Mobile Records        


  • • Fire Department

      Records Management
      CAD Mobile

Integrated Municipal Systems Software
     Municipal Accounting
     Building / Permits
     Utility Billing
     On-line Bill Payment




Professional Systems’ Certified Electronic Health Records Solution insures smooth transition from paper records.


The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Provisions 19 Billion for Physicians to Implement Electronic Health Records.


President Obama’s health care reform initiative has many implications on how health care will be delivered, administered, managed and funded in the future. At the heart of his reform is a strategy to automate the total health care process of providing health care services.  As with most industries these technology reforms will not only make administration more efficient but also result in significant improvement in the quality of the health care provided to the patient while reducing operational cost. 

To help stimulate the industry in implementing the required technology the American Recovery and Investment Act will provide up to 44,000 per physician or up to 63,000 per practice to be used toward the purchase and implementation of a qualifying Electronic Health Records Solution for practices that adopt early and show effective use.  Professional Systems has been at the forefront of Electric Health Records for many years. 


PSI offers a turnkey integrated EHR solution based on the industry leader McKesson’s Total Practice Partner will insure your transition from paper records to a electronic records is seamless and insures minimal down time.  Our total solution approach includes planning, consulting, training, hardware and implementation services and ongoing support to insure you not only get up and running but get the support needed through the transition period.  For information call to speak with one of our HER specialist today or email




Professional Systems Delivers Intelligent Video Surveillance Solutions


As analog technology continues to shift to digital, IP network video surveillance is fast becoming the solution of choice for the many advantages that it offers.  Professional Systems provides a full range of network video surveillance solutions for a broad spectrum of industry segments and applications, as well as specific solutions for specific situations.


Our solutions are based on industry leader Axis Communications IP network camera surveillance technology, the most advanced on the market today.  IP network surveillance offers maximum flexibility and scalability to meet your organization's needs.  Features include local and remote monitoring, mobile video monitoring, access control and many more innovative applications customizable to your specific requirements.


For CCTV users faced with the need to shift from their existing analog systems to network video, Professional Systems offer solutions for migrating and for expanding seamlessly to network surveillance.  We make deployment easy in all types of environments, indoor, outdoor, wired, and in rough, tough conditions.






Since 1995 PSI has Provided Innovative Technology Solutions to the Education Market.  Delivering technology in the educational space comes with a range of challenges.  Budget restraints, student access to technology, disperse social economic environments and technical skill development of teacher just to name a few.  Professional Systems has developed a reputation for providing innovative solutions that use a range of technology to help school systems meet their technology base objectives in this sometimes challenging environment.  Our solutions utilize interactive learning technology that takes advantage of the current trends and technology that students and teachers are used to using.  We incorporate popular technology including web 2.0, social networking and learning strategies integrated with traditional educational tools that provide a robust environment that engages students while capitalizing on the benefits of the online world connecting students, teachers and parents with collaborative resources that support the school systems learning objectives.  The results are increased student performance, expanded teacher development, collaboration and motivation as well as operational efficiencies that positively impact the bottom line. 


Students today more than ever have unlimited access to information and resources and use a variety of technology, systems and devices to access information. Our strategy is to integrate the technology that students, teachers and administrators use and live with as a tool to foster a creative and effective learning environment.    At the core of our solutions is a solid networking infrastructure.  We have the experts to insure your school systems utilize state of the art network technology that will support the applications.  Our staff of infrastructure experts hold certification in Cisco, Netware, Microsoft, Oracle and more.   Our e-rate specialist can assist in insuring your educational organization gets maximum financial benefits for network infrastructure deployments that qualify for federal funding.