Integrated Video Surveillance and Access Control

Integrated Video Surveillance and Access Control Solutions that provide Effective Security and Value


PSI’s integrated video surveillance and access control solutions offer comprehensive security that leverage IP camera technology, network video recorders, premise and cloud access control integrated with intelligent analytics  that result in more effective security, optimum quality and most importantly critical and useful information that insure maximum safety and control of your facilities.  Our highly skilled experts in digital; video, network infrastructure, surveillance and access control systems allow us to design, deploy and maintain customized system that meet your unique security needs.  By using hybrid technology we can leverage your current security infrastructure while integrating effective surveillance and access control technology.


§ IP Video Cameras

§ Network Video Recorders

§ Integrated Access Control

§ Video Analytics

§ Event Notification

§   Access Control via Mobile, Tablet

§   Integrated Hybrid/Encoder Solutions

§   Hosted Video Management Solutions

§   Managed Access Control

§ Remote Monitoring via Mobile Device

Superior Image quality

Image quality is one of the most important features of any video surveillance system. Superior image quality enables you to more closely follow details and changes in images, making way for better and faster decisions to more effectively safeguard people and property. It also ensures greater accuracy for automated analysis and alarm tools. PSI surveillance solutions are based on advance IP network cameras that provide high-quality video images, megapixel and HDTV quality resulting in maximum image details.


Intelligent Video Analytics

Conventional video surveillance environments can record what they see but they cannot make sense of what they are viewing.  That duty is typically the responsibility of security staff members who's jobs have become increasingly demanding as the average number of surveillance cameras deployed grows,  Using intelligent video analytics, PSI creates innovative video solutions that see and process visual information similarly to humans. For example, solutions that can distinguish between a person and a car or will track only objects identified as human and send an alert when the subject violates pre-defined rules, such as climbing over a wall or enters a restricted area.  Other applications utilize license plate recognition software to trigger an activity or using facial recognition technology to compare video across a database and notify security personnel when specified individuals have been recorded..


Cost Effective

Conventional video surveillance environments require security personnel to spend many hours watching live or recorded video to analyze and identify suspicious events. By contrast, PSI’s solutions can scan and analyze many hours of live or recorded video data without human intervention. When the IVS system encounter questionable activity, it can automatically respond based on preset rules such as notify designated personnel for further investigation or action resulting in reduced security staff requirements.  This frees up surveillance personnel to conduct key non-monitoring security tasks.

Remote Access

Our network video and access control platforms allows you to view video, control cameras and manage access from anywhere anytime.  All of our solutions provide remote access from your smart phone, tablet remote PC and more.

Analog / IP Hybrid Integration

Many facilities have existing video surveillance based on analog/DVR technology.  Our hybrid NVR platform allows us to integrate your existing surveillance equipment with a network video solution that leverages your existing system gradually replacing your analog equipment over time.



Security environments are dynamic, changing both in size and character as an organization grows. Video surveillance systems must be able to scale and adapt as needs dictate. With a conventional security system this typically means hiring more personnel to monitor additional camera streams. Integrated video surveillance and access control systems make expanding a snap; simply plug in additional IP cameras or door controllers at any of the networked  locations and the system’s intelligent software immediately goes to work recognizing, monitoring and managing newly added cameras and doors. Scalability is effectively unlimited.


IP Video Surveillance offers HDTV quality and intelligent tools that help deter theft, intrusion and vandalism. By recording locally and in the cloud PSIshield provides secure, redundant storage of valuable information to limit premise liability and protect your business.  Our hosted access control solutions provide cost effective technology at lower cost since you do not require purchasing expensive on premise software and hardware.  The result is security that is comparable to large organizations while fitting a small business budget.

PSIshield HVS is the affordable IP Video Surveillance and Access Control Solution designed specifically for small and medium businesses.